Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

With the relatively mild climate around Simpsonville, SC

Heat pumps have become a popular option for many homeowners and businesses that want to have a heat source that doesn’t have a high utility bill linked to it. To keep everyone comfortable during cold weather from winter chills or a hurricane, you need to get a proper heat pump installation for your Simpsonville, SC home and keep it running effectively to benefit from this efficient technology.

However, heat pumps are relatively complex devices, requiring knowledge and expertise in refrigeration technology as well as electrical systems, ductwork, and similar systems. Modern systems may have more electrical components making it essential that they be handled professionally to prevent damage or inefficient operations. If you need help, the heat pump repair specialists at Simpsonville, SC’s One Call Maintenance Solutions are here for you.

Here are a few signs that your heat pump may not be operating efficiently in your Simpsonville, SC home, and you needs heat pump installation, replacement, repair, or just a simple service:


  • Excess ice. Though a thin coating of ice is something your system’s defroster can handle, thick ice or ice covering the unit keeps it from operating properly.
  • No air movement. Unless you’ve turned your thermostat fan off, you should be able to get air movement from your vents. Your blower, plenum, or limit switch may be failing.
  • Unusual new noises. Noise that hasn’t been part of operations in the past is probably a sign of a mechanical failure or loose part, which can lead to more expensive repairs.

If your heat pump isn’t operating at peak efficiency, needs maintenance, or you need to upgrade your system, One Call Maintenance Solutions’ team of friendly, experienced professionals can help. Please contact our heat pump installation and maintenance experts in Simpsonville, SC us today to get started!