Home and business owners in Greer, SC trust that whether it’s the cold of a polar vortex or the humid heat of summer, they don’t have to look any further than One Call Maintenance Solutions for professional HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement. Instead of trusting that your current, badly performing HVAC equipment may be able to suffer through another heating or cooling season, why not see the difference that One Call can make your home or business’ comfort level?

There are a few signs your Greer HVAC system could need repairs, maintenance, or even a new equipment installation, including:

High Electric Bills: Has your electric bill gone up without any serious reason? Your HVAC unit could be the problem! Failing systems or those needing repair can equal a bill 2-3 times normal.

Odd Noises: It’s not your kid’s cover band making those scrapes, squeaks, and grinding noises. These are signs of serious issues in your HVAC repairs that should be addressed quickly to avoid expensive repairs.

Old Age: HVAC systems are typically designed to last for between 10-15 years before they need to be replaced. Why not see what kind of money you can save on a more efficient unit?

Constant Cycling or Running: An HVAC that stays on or cycles on and off frequently could have issues with its thermostat, mechanism, or other issues that need to be addressed to reduce wear and tear.

These issues may mean there’s a big issue with your HVAC that needs to be addressed. If you need help with your Greer HVAC equipment, you’ll find friendly, experienced help with the experienced team at One Call Maintenance Solutions. Please feel free to reach out today to get started!