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Heat Pump Repair

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Simpsonville heat pump repairs aren’t fun, but you want to make sure that when you have someone out to take care of the problem that they fix it the first time. At One Call Maintenance Solutions, you’ll get an experienced HVAC professional with strong knowledge of how heat pumps work and effective repair. This ensures that you’ll be able to keep your Simpsonville business or home comfortable for a long time following the repair.

There are a wide range of issues that can happen to cause your Simpsonville heat pump to stop working. Given the complexity of this equipment, it’s important that you have it looked at by a professional, especially given the electronic issues that can take place with more modern equipment. In any situation, you’ll want to have these problems addressed quickly, before they turn into much more expensive repairs.

Do you really need a repair or is there just a slight shift in an aging unit?

Here are a few of the many signs you can keep an eye out for in your heat pump system:

  • Circuit breaker tripping. Your heat pump shouldn’t draw enough power to trip the breaker, and if it happens frequently, it can be signaling a serious electrical problem with your heat pump.
  • Uneven temperature. Even if your blower is operating, you may still have hot and cold locations in your home, signifying issues with a range of possible systems.
  • Strange smells. If there’s a new, odd odor in your home, it’s important to get help soon. Musty or rotting smells indicate mold or decay, while burning smells require immediate action.

If you notice these or other warning signs of problems with your Simpsonville heat pump system signaling a need for repairs, it’s important to get repairs done before they turn into more expensive problems. If you need help, please feel free to contact the friendly team of experienced professionals at One Call Maintenance Solutions today!