Air Conditioning Repair

AC Repair & Maintenance In Simpsonville

When your air conditioner is acting up,

It’s not just an inconvenience. In the heat of South Carolina summers, it has the potential to be deadly. If you need AC repair and maintenance services in Simpsonville, SC, the experienced professionals at One Call Maintenance Solutions are ready to provide you with exceptional service and repairs that will help you keep your cool, whether you’ve got a home or business.

AC repair issues for Simpsonville, SC residents can have a range of sources. Your air conditioner may not be blowing as cold as it has in the past, or seems to be working too hard, causing wear and tear on the equipment as well as a high electrical bill. No matter what the problem is, our team of AC technicians in Simpsonville, SC can help find the cause and address it sooner instead of later, when it can create even more expensive repairs.

Though it’s tempting to ignore the signs of an air conditioning unit that needs repair in hopes that the issue will go away,

Here are just a few signs you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Unusual new noises. All air conditioners make some noise, but if your unit is beginning to rattle, grind, or squeal, it could be a sign of a mechanical failure that should be addressed quickly.
  • Whether it’s damp walls or ceilings, burbling noises, or mold or mildew taking off, a leak can cause a lot of problems and should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • High electrical bills. A sudden change in your electrical usage without a recognized source should always be addressed with a look at whether your air conditioner is having issues.

Catching these types of issues before they become big problems helps to limit your financial losses around the problem. If you suspect that your home needs an AC repair service, look no further than One Call Maintenance Solutions. Our friendly team is ready to help you keep your cool with our emergency AC repair services in Simpsonville, SC.