Summertime Tips to Help Keep Your A/C Bill from Going Sky High

When it’s hot in the Simpsonville area of South Carolina, it can be really tempting to just crank the thermostat down until you’re cool again. However, you know that will have consequences, namely in the form of a ridiculously high electric bill. Here are some of our best summertime tips to help save money on your air conditioning bill in Simpsonville, and help you keep your cool without blowing the bank.

Summertime Tips to Help Keep Your A/C Bill from Going Sky High
  • Maintain your air conditioning system properly. Even something as simple as a clogged filter can cause your air conditioning system to operate inefficiently. If you haven’t kept up with maintenance or repairs, get them done soon to save money!
  • Update your thermostat. You’d be surprised how many old-fashioned, manual-adjustment thermostats we see on the job, especially when newer programmable or smart thermostats can help you save so much on your electric bill.
  • Add thermal curtains. The blackout curtains you see at the store aren’t simply good for sleeping in – they also keep the heat out and the cool in. Even with efficient windows, glass is still going to be one of the biggest causes of heat gain in your home.
  • Bump the temperature up a degree or two. It’s really tempting to crank the temperature down when you get back inside, but it won’t cool your home any faster. Instead, once you’re comfortable, bump the thermostat back up a couple of degrees.
  • Insulate your home. Insulation doesn’t just keep you warm in the winter – it also keeps you cool in the summertime. By creating a buffer between indoor and outdoor temperatures, insulation allows your home to remain at a more consistent temperature overall.
  • Add a ceiling fan. They’re not just used for a good southern aesthetic – ceiling fans can keep you cool and circulate the air around your home. This allows you to stay cool without the air conditioning on or to operate your air conditioner at a higher temperature.

By putting even just a few of these summertime tips to save money on your air conditioning bill into action, Simpsonville residents can cut costs without feeling miserable in the process. If you need help with your HVAC system that isn’t performing up to expectations, the experienced professionals at One Call Maintenance Solutions are ready to help. Just contact us today to get started!