Seasonal Maintenance: 5 Items to Check Before Summer

With the official summer kickoff just around the corner at the end of June, have you checked your HVAC system before that hot South Carolina season hits? In this post, we’ll investigate some basic items you should check so that you can make sure your AC system is operating well prior to the really hot weather hitting in July and August.

Seasonal Maintenance: 5 Items to Check Before Summer
  1. Check the filter. It’s easy to forget the filter is there, quietly doing its work to filter debris, dust, pollen, and other unmentionables out of your indoor air. However, it has a strong impact on your indoor air quality and should be checked and replaced regularly.
  2. Remove debris. Now it’s time to move outdoors. Turn off the power to your outdoor unit and remove any debris, including leaves, branches, and tall plants to within about three feet of your outdoor unit. This step allows your unit to have proper airflow.
  3. Clean up the outdoor unit. With the power still off, use a hose to clean up the unit, including the exterior coils. Take the time to carefully straighten the heat exchanger fins to allow for optimal cooling, being careful not to cut your fingers on the sharp fins.
  4. Check the power. Now we’ll turn the power back on to the unit, both where you cut it off earlier and at the disconnect box located near the outdoor unit. Then turn your thermostat to cool and set the temperature cooler than the house. Does the HVAC system start?
  5. Check cooling ability. Give your AC system a few minutes to start operating, then check if it’s beginning to cool the room. If it’s already hot outside (we see you, South Carolina spring!), this step may take a little while.

By staying on top of these seasonal HVAC maintenance tasks, Simpsonville residents can ensure that their HVAC systems are ready for the worst that a South Carolina summer can dish out. If you’ve noticed an issue in this process or are not comfortable handling it, you can always contact the seasoned professionals at One Call Maintenance Solutions in Simpsonville for seasonal HVAC maintenance. Reach out to us today!