Is Your South Carolina AC System Fit for Summer?

South Carolina summers are no laughing matter, and without a solid AC system in place, can be downright unbearable. To keep your AC system working properly this summer, homeowners in Simpsonville should consider air conditioning maintenance and inspections on a seasonal basis. It’s important to make sure it’s been properly maintained, and address any issues prior to the deep heat of summer setting in.

Is Your South Carolina AC System Fit for Summer?

The first step in getting your AC system ready for summer is by performing basic maintenance. Have you changed your filter recently? We know how often this simple task is put off or missed by homeowners. Take a few minutes to replace the filter to ensure that your AC system can operate as efficiently as possible and put its energy into cooling the air instead of moving it.

What about seasonal maintenance? If you haven’t had this vital task performed yet, it’s an important one to schedule as soon as possible. Seasonal maintenance ensures that your investment is protected. This happens by performing the required maintenance for your warranty, as well as catching any issues early in the process before they turn into expensive repairs or even a full system replacement down the road.

Was there anything off about your system around the end of last year? If there’s a possibility that repairs may be needed, you’ll want to get on them soon so that you can get the work done before the deep heat of summer sets in.

Is your system performing as you need it to? If it’s beginning to fail, you may also see increased electrical bills. If it’s not performing to your needs, it may be time to look at replacing your AC unit with a better-performing, and often more energy-efficient, system. Some utility companies will even offer a rebate on your upgrade, making it more affordable.

By taking the time to make sure your air conditioning system is ready for summer, you’ll be able to get more enjoyment from the summer this year without worrying about whether it will fail to perform as needed. If you need help with heating and air conditioning maintenance or repair for your Simpsonville home, the experienced professionals at One Call are ready to help, just reach out today to get started!